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Hi. My name is Adam M. and I have been asked to do a blog about my life and experiences in the TOCCA House. I will try to update every day although some entries may be shorter than others. Most names will be changed to protect their identity but this is all true. Since this is my first entry I will give you some background on myself. I am an alcoholic and a drug addict in recovery at the TOCCA House here in South Florida.

I moved down here from West Virginia, not to run from my problems but to get away from dealers and triggers as well as recover in a nice warm beach area. My original plan, however, did not work out. After drinking away high school, I eventually turned to harder drugs, and right before I moved I had been shooting heroin for 6 months or so.

I quickly exhausted all of my resources and started stealing and ripping people off to get my fixes. After a couple failed attempts at getting clean (once by myself and once in a detox) I finally decided to come down to South Florida where an old friend had gotten clean and had 2 years. He had connections to get me into a halfway house. Well, I first went through a detox program, but when I got out I couldn’t get a hold of my friend. Turns out he had relapsed and was in detox himself.

I decided to leave detox with a guy I had met in there that filled my head with pipe dreams of going to North Dakota and working on oil rigs for $70-100 per hour. Well I soon found myself helping him steal and rob to get money that we ended up spending on dope. The next few days were spent robbing, using, and sleeping in a U-Haul, tent, or just in the grass.

I finally had enough of that, so we got into an argument. I left for a bit and when I returned to the tent, he was gone, and so was my cell phone and the small amount of stuff I had with me. So there I was. Homeless, hungry, broke, dirty, smelly, and worst of all, dope sick.

I tried to go back to detox. The one I had been to wouldn’t take me back and the one they referred me to couldn’t take me because they weren’t licensed to take people that had the detox drugs in their system. I was truly out of options at this point.

A fellow addict in the detox lobby recommended I ask for help in a local AA meeting. So I did and that’s when God finally decided I had learned my lesson and had the change of heart necessary for successful recovery. I raised my hand, told my story, and pleaded for help. A guy named Patrick came to me after the meeting. He told me to come with him and he could help. I left with him. On the way to TOCCA house he told me, “I never had to use again and My future is bright if I can stay clean.”

I realized at that point that after hitting rock bottom and living like the lowest of the low, I had a change of heart and a spiritual awakening. I was taken into TOCCA House on a scholarship and that truly gave me a second chance to live life the right way..the sober way. I met the house owner Tyler that night and I realized that Patrick and Tyler had saved my life. I’m now living in TOCCA house and working the program as well as I can.

I am 13 days clean and sober today and I’m not going to use today. So that’s briefly my background story. In the upcoming blogs I will update my experiences in the TOCCA House daily, good or bad.

Check back here to follow me on my road to recovery. That’s all for today. Plenty more to come!
-Adam M

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