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Prince, Involuntary Suicide and Addiction

Prince, Involuntary Suicide and Addiction

Tyler Cornell comments about Prince and the possibility of his death being involuntary suicide after millions of mourners and the media focus on the loss of his life, talent and the happiness he provided others through his music. “They don’t focus on the disease of addiction or the mental instability of the person who tries so hard”.

CORNELL Commented, “After thousands of conversations, victims of the disease of addiction have proven that they are the smartest, most caring and highest performing individuals the country has to offer. So much so, that they typically accomplish everything everyone else wants and then run into a brick wall or better described as “writers block” while trying to write their next chapter for themselves instead of or for those they wish to please. Before and during their quest to find a better meaning than the last, they get offered a way to calm down, forget or enjoy by friends or doctors.

What is amazing, is that when their disease of addiction becomes the forefront of their life, they try to prepare everyone for their path of life. It is one thing for Prince to run out of ideas but this happens to kids that are the best our country has to offer. Worse, is from my experience, it starts at the age of 12-16 because the kids accomplished their goals with or without drugs and don’t know what the next step is and depend on TV, Celebrities and Reality Shows to form an idea for them. Calculus, English and Chemistry don’t move fast enough for them to pay attention. Economics is no longer a discipline but a product of Wall Street and Wall Street is a product of sales people who couldn’t pass an English Class but may have signed their test with an F U. I think Prince, in all his success, told us he was tired of the game instead of the production. That He Felt he had succeeded beyond his wildest dreams and was stuck trying to appease people instead of coming up with something from the heart that would fulfill the higher expectations. Personally, I think he may have known exactly where he stood when he wrote the song, “Let’s Get Crazy”. He may have needed to slow his mind to finish the composition and thought the composition of success was partially a result of slowing down with pain pills he may have acquired first, for a hip problem and called that doctor in Beverly Hills to keep his mind focused.
My experience with our clients is that the only thing that matters to them is that everyone they care about is safe before they go too crazy or try to be accepted by starting small once again. Their addiction takes them to a new level of addiction via physical and psychological addiction together, that they prepare for as fast as they can to help the ones they love. Thereafter, they “GO CRAZY “, to escape the pressure of performing acts of being a productive member of society, while thinking everyone else is safe and they did their job.

In my mind, they are the only people that aren’t shoveling a living of lies but the ones that just need a new inspiration to perform to. The second they see “the normal life”, they say that it isn’t normal. I’m guessing Prince saw the same thing and didn’t respect how he got the money. I’m guessing that he, like others, had to second guess his success. I’m guessing the song, “Lets Go Crazy” was a clue to his mental status years before his death and had an insurance policy that denied payment for involuntary suicide.

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