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TOCCA Prepares the Launch of Its HR Educational Platform

TOCCA Prepares the Launch of Its HR Educational Platform to Create an Interactive Team of Business Owners VIA Direct Response with Drip Campaigns Including Video Instruction…

June 28, 2016, 9:00 AM EST, LAKE WORTH FLORIDA.  TOCCA Life Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: TLIF) announced today the launch of Its HR Educational Platform to Create an Interactive Team of Business Owners VIA Direct Response with Drip Campaigns Including Video Instruction.  CEO, Tyler Cornell states, “This isn’t Summer Camp on an Insurance Policy… This is a world of last resort created by a lack of understanding….  Prevention and Education are the Methodology for Your Concerns.”

Drug Prevention and minimizing demand for drugs is the key to the lowering the cost of over $600 Billion per year spent by Americans to fight the war on drugs.  The American Dream of Owning your own business or Home in the “Pursuit of Happiness” often requires working too hard to make it through the day while certain details of drug accountability remain at large.  The company now offers an interactive educational platform for employees that notes the risk and liability business owners take to employ each person simply by getting involved at

CEO, Tyler Cornell, stated, “Approximately 85% of America is built upon a foundation of small business.  Small business usually doesn’t have the ability for a Human Resources Department.  Owners gambled their lives to keep America strong.  One wrong move by an employee in a company car, work place or client’s workplace, can destroy the American Dream the owner had, no less a piece of the American Economy.  This isn’t Summer Camp on an Insurance Policy.  The world of rehabilitation is a last resort.  In fact, it can be considered a congregation of people who what to do the right thing or people who are looking to learn better methods of doing the wrong thing.  It is not limited to a room in a building in a remote portion of a city on a TV show. It is part of your life, pay check, neighborhood, tax dollars, complaints and concerns.  We need to own it together.  We are building a platform to help others understand.”

TOCCA contends that if companies forget about the details, the “winning company” is still liable to additional risk that could have been prevented. The company believes in facing the challenges now, instead of later. It works to create a balance of life for the business owner, employees and customers.  A poll being developed invites business owners to learn:

The initial interactive survey can be seen at :

CEO Cornell Stated, “The Exurbanite money that has come into this industry has created a short term winning pool of participation with potential false motive or intention to care for clients.  The industry for 80 years was based upon a passion to help others and hope for a paycheck.  TOCCA is not about finding fees or urine specimens that can pay up to $5000 each, 3 times a week.  TOCCA is about helping prevention and finding the client that wants help while not looking over their shoulder worrying about an insurance company posing a question of wrong doing.  The company understands it takes a little longer to do it right, but practices what it preaches.

The company is about people first.  The money is there and waiting however, it is important to educate America before they over pay without an understanding of what their goals are.  We Start with Prevention and will help everyone thereafter.”

The Company mentioned, TOCCA Life is about action.  The company offers businesses to take the survey to better understand the world around them.

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