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Group wants FMCSA to allow drug testing of truckers via hair sample – Overdrive Mag

Group wants FMCSA to allow drug testing of truckers via hair sampleTesting drivers via hair sample, instead of a urine sample, yields more positive tests, the Alliance argues. The group has asked FMCSA to allow testing now, rather than waiting on the Department of Health and Human Services.

A coalition of major carriers has petitioned the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to immediately allow hair sample tests to satisfy federal rules requiring trucking companies to drug test truck drivers pre-employment. Currently, the agency only recognizes urine sample tests.

The Trucking Alliance, a carrier advocacy group that includes fleets like Maverick Transportation, Knight Transportation, J.B. Hunt and Dupre Logistics, submitted the petition.

The FAST Act highway bill passed last year opens the door for the agency to recognize hair tests in lieu of urine samples, but not until the Department of Health and Human Services creates guidelines for hair sample testing. The FAST Act requires HHS to finalize guidelines within a year of the law’s enactment, which would be Dec. 5, 2016 of this year.

The guidelines have not yet been finalized, however, and the Alliance says HHS likely will request more time to do so, further delaying carriers’ ability to test driver via hair sample, the Alliance argues.

“On this issue, the private sector is already far ahead of the public sector in utilizing the latest methods to detect drug users,” said Lane Kidd, managing director of the Trucking Alliance. “While we wait on HHS and FMCSA, we can possibly save lives with this exemption by keeping many hard drug users out of our trucks and off our highways.”

Some carriers like J.B. Hunt already test drivers via hair sample, but such carriers must still spend the money to test drivers via urine sample too, a practice that could be ended if the agency accepted drug screening via hair analysis, the Alliance members argue., Tyler Cornell mentioned, “Truck Drivers are better than NYC Cab drivers.  NYC Cab drivers who are supposed to be the best in the world. Yet being great at something often creates complacency.  So I like the effort for accountability.  A hair sample is a very delayed process but can give you results for many previous months but the story is about finding the problem before it happens.  Urine tests can test over 60 ingredients that compose the recipe for drugs within 18 hours.  As much as I like the movement, we have to consider what is happening today, not months ago.  I personally think urine testing is the proper way to go with the right laboratory.”


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