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TOCCA Life’s Sober Living Halfway House and Strategic Coaching is for individuals recently in an addiction drug treatment facility, drug detox rehab or in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

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Help I needed without insurance

TOCCA life has allowed me to get the help I needed without insurance. They work with those that want to change their lives. I currently have a room in a 4 bed, 2 bath house with an in-ground pool, tile floors, and granite counter tops, and at a very reasonable price. The staff at TOCCA are easy going folks who are always working a program of some sorts. That being said said they have the knowledge to help anyone in need, as long as that person really wants to change their lives.
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TOCCA Life has given me the opportunity

TOCCA life has given me the opportunity to succeed. With caring staff and awesome housing they give you the chance at life everyone deserves. The hospital wouldn’t release me until someone came to pick me up, the owner was nice enough to take time out of his day to sign me out. The staff was welcoming and helpful. They also stuck by me in moments of doubt. My stay at TOCCA house helped me get a handle on sobriety.

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You got me through a rough period in life.

The people at TOCCA House got me through a rough period in life.  I was having trouble finding a place that would take me straight from detox, but they picked me up and gave me a chance. The staff was welcoming and helped me get acclimated to the area.
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I’m just really eternally grateful for what you both have done for me.

Sober Living.

Hey man, I don’t know if I ever really said it to you but I told Patrick that I’m just really eternally grateful for what you both have done for me. I’ve never had anyone be willing to do so much for me and it means the world.

You two got me off the streets and gave me a second chance at life that I very well may not have gotten had I not met Patrick and had he not been: affiliated with you. So I feel like I owe my life to you two and owe it to you to go full force at sobriety which I have been doing my best to do.

I am like a sponge with you two and I’m taking in everything you say and taking it to heart. If you told me jump off a bridge to stay sober I would probably do it…ha-ha, but seriously I really can’t thank you enough and I will show my gratitude with hard work and dedication to my sobriety and my life.

I am blessed that God put both Patrick and yourself into my path of life.

Thank you!


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