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TOCCA House Recovery Residence.

The TOCCA Lifestyle starts with the TOCCA House located in a prestigious neighborhood within the town of Lake Worth, Florida. Its large fields, quiet lakes and comforting amenities provide an easy adjustment from the treatment center you have attended. Just blocks from the inter-coastal with easy access to the ocean, you will be ready to better balance your days of work and fun. In so doing, you will also be working in more detail on your future plans including budgeting, exploring a career instead of just the required “job” you start during Phase 1 and learning how to implement your goals into life on life’s terms.

Members have use of the sober house Free (Members must be up to date on Life Coaching fees). Your adjustment into a new neighborhood environment will challenge your abilities to adapt and overcome any apprehension one faces transitioning into a clean, respectable environment. The private pool in your back yard offers you both physical and mental relaxation while the 3 commons areas offer you additional privacy to focus on your program.

Meals will be prepared by staff and members. This will provide for cooking classes, lower costs during and after your membership, and a healthy diet. Members will be responsible to shop for the ingredients on their designated cooking days. All cooking utensils will be provided.



TOCCA House-Dining
TOCCA House kitchen

TOCCA House living
TOCCA House Dining

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