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Your TOCCA Life Story


We want to hear your story! Yes, YOU!

We are offering a variety of opportunities that include having your story published in our magazine, winning a $50,000.00 scholarship to Treatment and Sober living, and even HAVING YOUR STORY MADE INTO A TV SHOW!

  • Has your drinking or using hurt or affected your reputation with friends?
  • Do you feel ashamed about it and hide it from others?
  • Are you tired of breaking promises to yourself to quit or control it?
  • Is drug or alcohol use causing you legal, marital, or financial problems?
  • Do you feel distant from friends you were once close to?
  • Do you want to be a better Son? Parent? Brother? Husband?
  • Are you tired of hurting the people that love you?

We are the faces of TOCCA Life. We have been through the long, lonely, dark tunnels of addiction and alcoholism and have found the way out. Now we strive to be the people who shine that light at the end of your dark tunnel. It’s what we live for. It is what we do best. We can help. Submit your story anonymously right here, today!

Submit your Story of addiction to TOCCA Life and win!

This is your chance to tell the world what you have been through during your battle of addiction.  TOCCA Life Story Scholarship Competition.

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