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Addiction Rehab News was conceived to highlight the seriousness of drug abuse in the USA. We are passionate about helping others, so we started to post news articles from around the country to demonstrate how drug abuse has escalated out of control. We can not emphasize how much we need your help. Please add your comments and experiences to the stories and share them with your friends and social pages. In conclusion, the more people that become aware of the situation, the more chance we have in finding solutions to the epidemic.

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Great Interventionists Required

Great Interventionists Required

Great Interventionists Required! Tampa, 7:00 PM EST, TOCCA LIFE HOLDINGS (Stock Market Ticker Symbol: TLIF) in conjunction with BEAUTIFUL LIFE MARKETING is launching a nationwide campaign and social movement to promote prevention. In so doing, the company expects to receive an overwhelming response from families who need an understanding of the addiction industry. BEAUTIFUL LIFE […]

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